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hey, friends!

I'm Chrissy Kirkman.

Jesus-lover, Overcomer, Christian Life Coach, Worship Leader, Wife, Bonus Mom, and Executive Director of FINDINGbalance.

Let me fill you in on some of the big things God has been doing around here!

After 17 years in the software industry, I cannonballed from the corporate ladder to step out in faith and become a Christian life coach. God blessed me with many opportunities to make an impact on children, teens, and women across the world.

My life hasn't been easy AND Jesus has been by my side through every moment. During my first 20 years of adulthood, I suffered the pain of divorce, financial hardship, depression, anxiety, low self-worth, chronic health struggles, infertility, and the loss of five babies.


...but that isn't where my story ends.

I've struggled since my teenage years to foster a healthy body image. No matter how hard I tried, I simply couldn't meet society's standards of how my body "should" look. It left me feeling defeated, and carrying more shame than I knew how to process.

In 2019, I read the book "The Circle Maker" by Mark Batterson while suffering in the deepest, darkest pit of disordered eating, dieting, and body image shame I'd ever experienced. One day, during a time of prayer, I felt a stirring in my spirit.


As my emotions swirled, I reached my hands up to the sky and cried out "I can't do this any more! I am SO OVER THIS. I REFUSE to crawl my way out of this pit just to fall back in it again. God, please rescue me from this once and for all!"

I asked. He answered.

I had asked for His help many times before, but this time was different; I didn't take back control. I FULLY surrendered and let God lead me. And I followed Him.

God led me to FINDINGbalance, the world's leading Christ-centered nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people find freedom from eating disorders, disordered eating, and body image issues.


I enrolled in the Lasting Freedom course and began to see changes I never knew were possible. Week after week, God's truth was revealed and chains were broken. I discovered that Satan created "diet culture" to trap us, making us feel ashamed, disgusted, and disqualified from being used by God.

...but God wants us to be free!

It has taken time, trial & error, patience, and a ton of grace, but I can finally say I feel free and confident to walk in God's purpose for me in the body I'm in right now.


In 2019, FINDINGbalance founder, Constance Rhodes, felt God leading her in a new direction. After months of prayer over the future of FINDINGbalance, God revealed He was preparing me to take the reins and keep His beautiful mission going. 

...and it is my honor to lead!

If you've felt disqualified because you:

  • feel you don't "look good enough"

  • don't "look like everyone else"

  • aren't thin enough or big enough

  • feel your size or the number on the scale makes you unworthy

  • feel God can't use you in the body you're in...


...I encourage you to come explore the many Christ-centered resources FINDINGbalance has available so YOU can be set free!


There IS hope, friend. These struggles are NOT your fault. The enemy has set a trap and God wants to free you from it. He did it for me and He'll do it for you!

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