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Radically Driven Group Coaching


1:  very different from the usual or traditional

2:  favoring extreme changes in existing views, habits, conditions, or institutions



1:  having a compulsive or urgent quality <a driven sense of obligation>

2:  propelled or motivated by something —used in combination

Why do we so often find ourselves faced with walls we can’t seem to get over, under, or around?  Walls that could block us for the rest of our lives if we don’t conquer them.  Walls that keep us from having a healthy relationship with others and with Christ.  


The truth is we don’t have to stay stuck.  We can be empowered by the Holy Spirit!  We can overcome these walls and walk victorious when we place our faith in Jesus Christ and nurture our relationship with Him!  The Holy Spirit can enlighten and empower us to move beyond those walls, but we must ignite the switch to engage the power He wants to give.

Radically Driven is a Christ-centered approach to overcoming life's struggles while deepening your personal relationship with God.  The key: it's not about us, it's about God working in us!


Through every battle of adversity I've faced, one thing is certain; God carried me through and helped me overcome. If I hadn't focused on Him and trusted His plan for my life, I would have never made it where I am today.  It certainly wasn't easy and I made many mistakes along the way, but I was never alone; He was always with me.

Radically Driven Is For You If:

  • You can no longer settle for an unsatisfying life of wishing things were different

  • You feel stuck or emotionally run down & need clarity on how to move forward 

  • You want to discover - or rediscover - what it is you're meant to do

  • You're ready to break free from victim mentality

  • You're unfulfilled with a current life situation

  • You don't want to go back to where you don't belong

  • You're ready to take your leadership to the next level

  • You wish to turn your business into a ministry

  • You want to discover, or deepen your relationship with, God

My Radically Driven group coaching program includes:


  • 8 Radically Driven hour-long sessions to watch at your convenience

  • A detailed workbook for every session topic, each filled with thought-provoking, heart-seeking questions that dive beneath the surface of your barriers and struggles

  • Bonus links and downloads

  • Lifetime access to the membership area!

Session Breakdown

Session 1:  Clarifying Your Dreams

Session 2:  Never Going Back (Refueling Your ‘Why’)

Session 3:  Overcoming Barriers and Fears

Session 4:  Compassion and Connection

Session 5:  Emotional Exposure and Vulnerability

Session 6:  Deepening Your Faith 

Session 7:  Reframing Rejection

Session 8:  Radically Driven To Do What Some Won’t

Radically Driven Group Coaching


When you enroll in Radically Driven, you get access to some really incredible content that will help you ignite the switch and move beyond those frustrating walls you face.  Each session includes Christ-centered video trainings, workbooks, bonus links, and downloads to help you fully rely on Jesus to overcome struggles while deepening your personal relationship with God.  And you'll have lifetime access to this content!

Become Radically Driven!




I learned so many powerful things in Radically Driven!  I really love the depth in the content during the live sessions and in the workbooks.  If you're considering Radically Driven, I encourage you to go after it.   The growth in your life will be astounding!


I loved everything about Radically Driven! The workbooks were amazing and helped me achieve the most growth; I love writing things out. Radically Driven helped me change the way I handle my emotions by accepting others who want to love me; letting them get close to me.  I encourage you to enroll in Radically Driven, but be ready. It will tear you up in way you didn't know you needed. The growth is right there if you're willing to embrace it. It will grow so much more than your business. It will stretch every piece of your world!


Two words that come to mind when I think of Radically Driven are faith and trust.  It's difficult to put into words exactly how Radically Driven has changed me. All I can say is I have faith, hope, and just simply feel alive!  I learned it's okay to have faith, share it with others, ask for prayers, and cry when it's needed. This has been so much more than helping with my business. And guys, there's nothing girly about Radically Driven.  Don't miss out on an opportunity to change your life!


Radically Driven has been such an unexpected ray of sunshine in my life!  I feel like I have grown so much as a person, business woman, and also in my identity in Christ.  Chrissy is an amazing, yet down-to-earth, leader and has given me some extra tools in my tool belt to pull out when I start to lose sight of my identity and purpose! Thank you, Chrissy, for being obedient and answering God's call on your life and for being transparent with us so that we then feel comfortable about being open and honest with our struggles!  So glad for this new friendship and excited & hopeful for the future!


 Radically Driven came into my life at a time when I needed it most. My relationship with the Lord was never extinguished but it was dimmed quite a bit by my foolishness, thinking I'd "handle" things myself and clearly that wasn't going to last forever. I needed His light more than ever. Chrissy was able to articulate truths in loving ways while letting God shine through and work on each of us. Thank you, Chrissy, for the time you poured into the sessions and your genuine care for each member. You are a pretty amazing woman for being so grounded in all that you've passed through in your life and still a lover of God. You lead an amazing example and I think I'm truly blessed to have gotten to know you through Radically Driven!


Since Radically Driven is a Christ-centered approach, do I need to be a Christian to participate?

You absolutely do not need to be a Christian to participate in Radically Driven.  There's so much valuable content to be absorbed and learned from that you can certainly take the information you want and use it to better yourself and your life.  If you're a Christian but feel your relationship with Jesus isn't where you'd like it to be, Radically Driven can certainly help you through that challenge, too.  

Is Radically Driven specifically for female entrepreneurs?

Absolutely not!  Anyone with a desire to deepen their relationship with Jesus and achieve some positive life changes can benefit from participating in Radically Driven.

Will there be live sessions?

Radically Driven is now a self-study course, so live group coaching sessions will not occur.

What payment methods are accepted?

I accept credit and debit cards using PayPal.  If you do not have a PayPal account, you can check out as a guest.

What is the refund policy?

I do not offer refunds on coaching courses or growth sessions.  If you put in the time and effort and lay your fears at the feet of Jesus, I fully believe you’ll be happy with the results and the program!


Are coaching services covered under my insurance?

Most insurance companies won’t cover coaching services, but it may be worth calling your provider to confirm!

Can I participate in Radically Driven and do private coaching with you, too?

Absolutely!  In fact, one-on-one coaching with me is an incredible enhancement to Radically Driven as I will work with you on your dreams and challenges, we'll discuss the answers to your session workbooks, and I'll be able to provide you a personal accountability I'm would otherwise be unable to provide you.  To learn more about private coaching with me, visit my Private Coaching page!

I know you’re radically driven and bound for greatness.  Even if you don't feel it now, it know it's inside you. It's okay to feel scared and unsure when contemplating leaving your (fake) comfort zone to step out to try something new.  


The best news is you aren't alone in this!  I believe in you and would be honored to help you achieve your dreams and overcome the struggles that hold you back.  Before you decide whether or not you'll join me in Radically Driven, ask yourself this: "Am I really comfortable where I am now?  Can I live with the results of my own inaction?” (recognizing that making no decision is a decision.)  


You certainly don't need to join my program to change your life, but consider this... 

In any given moment we have two options:

1. step forward into growth

2. step back into safety.

So, where are you headed?

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