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WHAT IF you didn't have to STAY stuck where you are? 

What if you were meant for more than a mediocre life?


What if you were able to break those bad habits once and for all?


What if you changed the way you thought about - and reacted to - people, situations, and adversity?


What if you learned to use the hurts and disappointment from your past as fuel to propel you forward?


What if you no longer allowed fear to hold you back from being who you desire to be?


What if you stopped making excuses and created a plan that could get where you want to be?


What if the goals and dreams you have for your life really could come true?



It's possible.



Incredible things happen when you dare to dream.  Things you never thought possible.  Things you spent hours wishing for. Things that seem to only happen for others.



Daring to dream is a life-changing move.  



Many people never dare to dream.  Some dare but quickly get overwhelmed and give up.  Some dare but lack the support and accountability needed to help them make real progress.  And some spark the flame that ignites the fire inside and begin living their dreams.


Whatever scenario you relate to...



I understand.



I've felt them all at some point in my life.  I understand what it's like to feel stuck somewhere you don't belong with no idea how to change it.  I understand how it feels to desire more out of life.  I understand how isolating it is to have little support or encouragement during the pursuit of your dreams.  I understand how miserable it feels to be stuck in a job that doesn't fulfill you or ignite your God-given strengths.  I understand how overwhelming it is to repair financial problems and start spending - or saving - the way you should.  I understand what it's like to realize you've lost your true, authentic self and that you no longer use your voice or make yourself a priority.  I understand what it's like to put everyone else's needs ahead of yours.  I understand how it feels to lack motivation, time, and energy to pursue your dreams.  I understand the feeling of not being good enough to live the life you dream of.  I understand feeling like it only happens for other people and will never happen for you.



I've been there.



Although I didn't exactly enjoy enduring those seasons in life, they were my seasons to endure.  It was my path to walk. They were my lessons to learn.


There came a time in my life when I was no longer okay with the way things were going.  I wanted more.  I felt I was meant for more.  I started realizing that my "comfort zone" was actually really uncomfortable.  I wondered what happened to the girl with big plans and big dreams.  I wondered if it was possible to find her again.



I wanted to change.



I didn't want to be stuck there forever, but I wasn't sure where to start.  I wasn't sure how to start.  I wondered if there was anyone who understood what I was going through.  Was there anyone who could relate to me?  Would I have to do this alone?  What if I messed up?  Would this be another one of my "try and fail" attempts?  I didn't want to add another to my list.


I felt scared.  It seemed too difficult.  It seemed like a lot of work.  It seemed like it would take forever.  I thought "what if people found out I was trying to make a change and took bets on whether or not it would actually stick this time?



I was terrified.



Doubt set in and I quickly began talking myself out of changing.  "I'll be fine the way things are.  I can learn to love myself.  The people who matter will stay by my side even if nothing changes.  I can accept this life.  Some people have it a lot worse than me. I need to make money to survive, so I guess this job isn't so bad after all.  Big things are really meant for others anyhow.  I'm just wasting my time daydreaming about things that will never happen.  At least no one will be able to say I tried and failed AGAIN!"



I had completely talked myself out of starting at altogether.



I hadn't even started.



No matter how hard I tried to convince myself that living my dreams wasn't for me, I couldn't shake the feeling that I truly was meant for more.



I began to recall who I dreamed of becoming, what I wanted to do with my time on this earth, and how I wanted to be remembered.  I thought of people who actually pursued their dreams and made them come true... real people like me.  I felt hopeful that if they could do it, so could I.  I really wanted to know what it would feel like to be an overcomer. I again started envisioning how my life might change if I really did turn my dreams into reality.



Something ignited inside me; a flame I couldn't seem to put out.  I had to do this.


I had to feel the fear and do it anyway.  I didn't need to worry about what anyone said or thought; it was my journey and those were my lessons to learn.  I had to overcome this.  I wanted to show others it was possible.  I needed to love my life again.  I needed to love myself again.  I needed to find my voice and thrive.  I desired to connect with God, myself, my family, my friends, and others in a deeper way.

I wanted this more than I was afraid of it.  I realized my reason "why" was big enough and the how was irrelevant.

I became willing and determined to break down walls, jump hurdles, take risks, make mistakes, fall down, get back up, hustle, be disciplined, invest in myself, make time, make it a priority, fall down again, get back up again, dust it off, keep going, and not quit... no matter what.  I decided I would learn how to be patient with myself and the process because it would take time... but it was worth it.  I decided to be forgiving and understanding with myself because I was about to make a lot of mistakes.  I decided I would turn those mistakes into lessons that would make me better.  I decided I would fight to break the victim mentality.  

I decided to become an example of real-life overcomer.

ARE YOU Ready to pursue your dreams?

Private coaching with Chrissy is for you if:

* You feel like something's missing and believe you can do more in life

* You can no longer settle for an unsatisfying life of wishing things were different

* You feel stuck or emotionally run down & need clarity on how to move forward 

* You want to discover what it is you're meant to do

* You're ready to break free from the victim mentality

* You have an idea but your family & friends don't seem to understand or support you

* You're unfulfilled with your current career or life situation

* You need someone to help you stay on track & hold you accountable

* You desire to be mentored by a coach who knows what it's like to fight for your dreams



What will you gain from this exclusive private coaching program?


* A defined, organized list of your own personal dreams

* A mental makeover designed to help you overcome self-defeating thoughts and actions

* Clarity on what you truly desire out of life

Igniting the spark within that will fuel your success

* Increased self-confidence and self-worth

* Support in breaking bad habits and developing new, positive ones

* A sense of accomplishment

* The earned title of 'Overcomer'!




Your 90 day coaching program will include:


* A 'Howdy!' packet to help me learn more about you before our first session

* 6 one hour personalized coaching sessions via Skype/Zoom/UberConference or over the phone

* Strategies for success, feedback, support, and accountability to help move you closer to your dreams

* Unlimited e-mail support

* Overcomer tasks after each session designed to help you make progress

* My personal list of resources to support the major shifts in your life

Chrissy Kirkman, Life Coach

Will coaching work for you?


You can rest assured this program will impact your life if:


* You will no longer accept things the way they are

* You are eager for change

* You are ready to commit

* You are ready to put forth the effort it takes to overcome

* You are willing to learn

* You are willing to have patience (these changes won't occur overnight)

* You are willing to believe in yourself

* You are willing to forgive yourself (you WILL make mistakes)

* You are willing to focus on - and develop from - the positive

* You are willing to be accountable

* You will NOT be a victim of your circumstances

* You will make plans, not excuses

* You will adjust your priorities and make time to pursue your dreams

* You will eliminate anything that no longer serves you

* You are willing to use your past as fuel to propel you forward

* You are serious about investing in your future

* You are ready to earn the title of 'overcomer'


As you can see, coaching is only as impactful as the dedication and effort each client is willing to give.  As your coach, mentor, and cheerleader I can guide, encourage, support, and believe in you!  However, you must be willing to make the changes that will transform your life and help you overcome.






Please don't view that list and think you MUST do each of those things flawlessly or coaching will be a waste of your time.


Perfection is unattainable and you WILL make mistakes, but each time you do it's another opportunity to learn and grow.  As long as you're ready, willing, dedicated, and eager to change and overcome, this program WILL work for you!



Push past the fear.



I've wasted a lot of my life dreaming and not doing.  For so long I allowed my dreams to remain as dreams because I was too afraid; afraid of trying and failing, afraid it would be too difficult, afraid I didn't have time to focus on my dreams, afraid I couldn't afford it, afraid I wouldn't have the right support, and several other fears that crept in on an hourly basis.


I started getting really uncomfortable at the thought of continuing to dream with zero action or results.



I had to make a change.



I couldn't continue "just getting by" with those dreams on my heart.  I felt that God had designed me for more than the average I was living and giving.  I wasn't impacting others the way I desired to.  I wasn't being the best "me" I could be.  I was simply surviving.  I was just "okay"... and that wasn't working for me.


I wanted to be more.  I wanted to do more.  I wanted to live my dreams.  I wanted to thrive.



I wanted to overcome.



After spending time evaluating where I was and where I wanted to be, it was so clear.  It was time for a transformation!


I'm not gonna lie, I still felt fear, but the desire to move closer to where I wanted to be far outweighed that fear.  I committed to make the time to pursue my dreams and shift priorities where needed.  I committed to eliminate unnecessary spending on things that kept me from my dreams and re-direct that money towards improving myself.  I committed to shut down fear and voices of doubt.  I committed to finding someone who would encourage me and hold me accountable.



And that's how I began the pursuit of my dreams.



Are you ready to pursue yours?  If so, I would be thrilled to help you!


Book two private coaching sessions with me for just $100!

If you're ready to take the next step and work with me, just click the 'Buy Now' button and complete the payment process and client information form. Then, e-mail me at to introduce yourself.  I will respond as soon as possible to schedule our first session!

Book your first two sessions!


How does online coaching work?

Coaching sessions are one hour long. We typically meet every other week, but sessions can occur weekly, monthly, or we can create a custom plan for you. I do ask you to commit to six sessions (or three months if meeting twice a month).


Online coaching is chat-based and occurs via Skype, Zoom, UberConference, or Google Hangouts (we can FaceTime as well). You will receive an email notification to join the chat. Once you're there, our session begins.  If you do not have access to these services, we can meet over the phone (it can be just as effective)!


Do you offer in-person coaching?

If you are located in the Kansas City metro area, I would be glad to meet with you in person! 

What payment methods are accepted?

I accept credit and debit cards using PayPal.  If you do not have a PayPal account, you can check out as a guest.


Are coaching services covered under my insurance?

Most insurance companies won’t cover coaching services, but it may be worth calling your provider to confirm!


When is payment due?

Payment is due before our session begins.  As soon as your payment is received, a link for our first scheduled session will be sent to you.  You may pay for 2 sessions at a time or more, if you wish.


Is there a cancellation fee?

There's no cancellation fee.  I just ask that you give me notice as soon as you know you can’t make the appointment or need to reschedule.


I have more questions for you.  Can I contact you?

Absolutely!  Feel free to e-mail me at


I want you to coach me, Chrissy!  How do I get started?

Yay!  I'm so excited!  :)


To get the ball rolling, simply click the 'Buy Now' button and complete the payment process and client information form. Next, e-mail me at to introduce yourself.  I will respond as soon as possible to schedule our first session!  



Book your first two sessions!

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