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Summer Workshop for Students

School's (almost) out for summer!

For students, that can mean a lot of sleeping in, boredom, and unproductive use of time. For parents, that can mean anxiety about how they're spending their time and how it could affect their future.

Over the past two months I've had several students share with me that they have no clue what kind of career they would want, how to pick a major, or even what they're called to do in life. Some know what they're good at but can't envision how that could turn into a career. The consistent message is that they want someone to help them figure it out so they're more prepared for college.

I've also talked with graduates who feel apprehensive about the changes ahead as they begin a new chapter. Leaving the structured life they've known to embark on this new journey of learning, freedom, and character building is exciting AND terrifying! To have a mentor by their side to help them prepare for success is an opportunity that many don't receive.

I couldn't ignore this obvious need, so I've decided to lead a six week Dare to Dream workshop this summer for students in the Kansas City metro area. Designed to help students define their dreams, prepare for college life, and make plans to succeed, Dare to Dream will lead them to a place of self-reflection to determine how they're wired and what ignites their soul. They'll even get a "mindset makeover" to learn how to avoid making decisions that could put their dreams and future in jeopardy. Nothing about this will feel like school or work at all and the value they'll gain is priceless.

Each week we'll meet for two hours as a group in the Kansas City Northland

(location to be announced). The time will fly, guaranteed!

The cost of this workshop is an absolute STEAL at only $60 per student! That's just $10 a week or $5 an hour!

How to Sign Up:

To help me determine if there's a need for two workshops, please visit this link to sign up.

How to Pay: Pay me in person before the first session OR visit the 'Coaching Options' page at Add 'The Group Thang' package to your cart and apply the code 'summer15' at checkout to receive the discounted price of $60! Then, e-mail me at with your child's name, grade completed, and any insight you'd like to share.


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