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2015 Graduate Special!

Graduating is not only a huge accomplishment in life, it’s also a time of major transition. The closing of one chapter, and the beginning of another, can leave a person feeling nervous and apprehensive. When you create a plan that aligns with your personal goals, those feelings diminish and you begin to feel more confident and ready to rock the pages of your book! Sometimes creating that plan can be difficult to do alone and having a mentor by your side can help.

Do you know a 2015 graduate about to embark on a new journey? Consider investing in their success by giving them a 90 minute ‘Power Boost’ coaching session with life coach Chrissy Kirkman!

The 90-minute ‘Power Boost’ package is normally $90, but from now until May 31 you can save 30 bucks and grab it for just $60! Did I mention there’s no limit on the amount of packages you can purchase?

To order, visit, click on ‘Coaching Options’, and select ‘The Power Boost’ package. Add it to your cart and enter coupon code ‘grad15’. Then, proceed to checkout! You will receive a professional gift card in the mail to present to your grad - or this can be sent electronically by e-mailing Chrissy in the ‘Connect’ section.

The graduate will reach out to me and schedule their session. We will meet in person, if within a 50 mile radius of the Kansas City area, or via Skype, Zoom, or by phone. Then, the fun begins!

Please don’t miss this opportunity to make an impact in the life of someone you love!

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