10 Reasons You Should Enroll in the Dare to Dream Summer Workshop

Today I checked the sign-up statistics for my workshop and was shocked to learn there have been 468 unique views (excluding my own) in under 3 weeks. This tells me there's a lot of curiosity around 'Dare to Dream' and what it's all about!

Although that's a FANTASTIC number of views, less than 2% have taken the next step and signed up. Maybe it's a fear of commitment, maybe you're busy with a summer job, maybe you've had a lot going on, or maybe you just aren't sure you'll benefit from a workshop like this.

Whatever the case, I thought I'd share 10 fabulous reasons you (as a student or recent high school grad) should enroll in the Dare to Dream summer workshop!

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You now have 10 good reasons to enroll... so what's stopping you?

When & Where?

Each week we'll meet for two hours as a group in the Kansas City Northland

(location to be announced).

High school students will meet on Wednesdays from 10-12.

Grads will meet Thursdays from 10-12.

* Excluding the first week of July

How to Enroll!

High school students, sign up here: http://buff.ly/1Fn7373

Recent high school grads, sign up here: http://buff.ly/1Fn77Ux

How to Pay Pay me in person before the first session OR visit the 'Coaching Options' page at chrissykirkman.com. Add 'The Group Thang' package to your cart and apply the code 'summer15' at checkout to receive the discounted price of $60! Then, e-mail me at coachchrissy@chrissykirkman.com with your child's name, grade completed, and any insight you'd like to share.

Still Unsure?

If you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me at coachchrissy@chrissykirkman.com! If finances are a concern, I will work with you to ensure you do NOT miss this incredible opportunity to set yourself up for success.


~ Chrissy ~