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Hurt + Healing = Hope

During my difficult struggle with infertility, I continuously prayed for God to use my pain to help others facing similar battles. It didn’t seem honorable to go through so much agonizing adversity if it couldn’t be used for good.

Many days I felt completely alone in my suffering, unable to find someone who had been there; someone I could confide in with the assurance they wouldn’t judge me, dismiss my feelings, or give me unwanted advice. Some days, God was the only One I could turn to.

In my prayers for guidance, He directed me to articles from women who had faced similar journeys. I was amazed by how supported and encouraged I felt in reading their raw truth… even the ugly stuff. Within no time, I felt a part of this community of overcomers and watched as some of the guilt and shame I carried like heavy baggage began to lift from me.

God placed in my heart the desire to tell my story some day. I dreamed of helping others feel encouraged and hopeful. I wanted those who had never been in our shoes to gain an understanding of what we go through and how to better support us.

God is answering those prayers and helping me fulfill dreams!

I am now a featured contributor at, a social movement giving women the tools, inspiration, and community support to make their dreams happen! She Is Fierce! shares stories, photos, and videos about anything inspiring or useful to Fierce Women, written by Fierce Women around the world.

At She Is Fierce!, you’ll find motivational profiles of Fierce Women nominated from around the world… Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Mothers, Survivors, Community Leaders, Teachers, Athletes, Volunteers, and all the other roles women hold today. Their profiles focus on what makes these women inspiring – how they overcame challenges, became leaders, succeeded, failed, and built the life and joy that makes them so inspiring to others.

My first article, ’10 Things I Want You To Know About Miscarriage’, is now posted at!

I would be deeply honored if you read and shared my article with others. Infertility and miscarriage are difficult, personal journeys and are rarely discussed with the same frequency as pregnancy announcements and baby pictures. Women and couples typically suffer alone and many “outsiders” are surprised when they learn a couple has endured such a loss. Some never share their grief. By sharing this article, you could help people you never knew needed this kind of hope.

Thank you so much for always supporting and encouraging me. You’ll never know how grateful I am to be on this journey with you!

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