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Workshop Announcement!

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to announce that I’m in the process of designing a workshop inspired by YOU!

I’ve been chatting with so many people lately who aren’t exactly miserable in their life, but they just can’t shake the feeling of desiring more. The majority of them aren’t after material things; they want to overcome something.

I’ve been there… and I’m still there!

I’m always pursuing a dream, goal, or vision to make my life better, but that wasn’t always the case. Several times I’ve found myself getting hyped up to lose weight or launch a new idea. I started out with the best intentions, making progress for a while when suddenly something shifted and it just seemed “too hard”. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had left my familiar comfort zone and that was TERRIFYING. Before I knew it, I’d begun to self-sabotage and talked myself into quitting.

I felt like I had added another failure to my ever-growing list.

Can you relate? We all face challenges in life and some people seem to face more than others. While I know what I’ve been through, I don’t know what you’ve endured. I don’t know your struggles and pain points in life and I don’t know your desires and dreams.

I DO know I would be honored to help you overcome them!

If you could take a few moments to fill out a totally confidential survey of less than 10 questions to help customize my workshop, I would be SUPER grateful! Please share this survey with friends and anyone you feel could benefit from a workshop designed to help you overcome.


As a way of saying “thank you”, I want to extend a personal invitation to my brand new, exclusive Facebook Group ‘Unstoppable Overcomers’!

Designed to connect driven, motivated, like-minded overcomers, you can engage with people who are ready to punch fear in the face and elevate to the next level, forging their way to the life they dream of! Welcome to your new support entourage.



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